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Paypoint HR is a full-service compensation consulting firm located in Davidsonville, Maryland.  We are an innovative, cost effective and technologically advanced solution for public sector’s need to provide internally equitable and externally competitive pay plans. We provide practical, operational and business-oriented advice on all aspects of compensation on a national level.

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Paypoint HR was was critical in supporting our recent budget process. For several years district staff had offered our own data to the community showing the need for upgrading of our salary and benefits to become more in line with our local market. We had limited success in making any real change. When Paypoint HR completed their work, we had a unbiased review of our entire region’s pay and benefits which was listened to by our community leadership. This information allowed us to implement Phase 1 of a three year phase-in of the salary plan for this upcoming year. We fully expect this to help us retain more of our teachers and attract quality teachers and other employees. This would not have been possible without  Paypoint HR’s assistance.

Other than informal salary surveys, (our county) hadn’t conducted a formal classification and compensation plan in many years. When we contracted with Paypoint, they talked with us more specifically about our scope of work, proposed a timeline that was adhered to, and did what they said they would do. They came on site and met with staff, who were very open to speaking with them. Whenever we had any questions or concerns, Rick and Karin were very prompt in responding and would offer suggestions without being pushy. Throughout the course of our project, Rick and Karin were knowledgeable and easy to work with.

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