About Us

Our overall approach to the field of employee and business management is unique as our founding members hail from different practice areas. We see this as our competitive edge. We each look at situations from our respective lenses, we ask the right questions, and with our clients we collaboratively develop solutions. The common denominator that brings us together is a laser focus on organizational excellence.

Our Philosophy

Our company’s philosophy stresses the importance of being agile. We believe there is value in the ability to pivot, reassess and adapt. While we follow established standards, we believe there is not a “one size fits all” solution to management practices. This calls us to look at information more thoroughly.  We strategize, prioritize, craft roadmaps, and capture bright ideas.  In doing so, we are able to develop custom solutions that meet the high standards our clients have grown to expect from us.

Approach & Methodology

Our approach and methodology incorporate the following: developing relationships, maintaining clear communication channels, setting baselines for project milestones as well as establishing timelines for meeting them, instituting platforms for team collaboration,  fulfilling customer service expectations, and a respect for economic factors.

Our Team

Karin Campbell
President & CEO

Business Marketing – University of Maryland

Mrs. Karin Campbell has led Human Resources initiatives for more than 20 years. She has helped over 700+ employers and 15,000 employees with the development and delivery of customized HR solutions for employee management programs. Currently she holds SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and IPMA-SCP designations and serves on the Board for the ASHRM chapter. Karin’s expertise have been utilized in studies that involve: employee outreach, policy design and implementation, communication plans, and business strategy.

Dr. Rick Campbell
Technical Director

Mechanical Engineering – Penn State; Applied Mathematics – University of Virginia

Dr. Rick Campbell holds a doctorate degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics and a bachelor of science degree in Applied Mathematics. His extensive education and experience in the field of mathematics has enabled him to understand highly technical issues. He has managed both internal and external clients, which has helped him develop the ability to take the most advanced problems and convert them into easily understood terms and processes. He has applied this experience to the field of compensation for the past 7 years.

LTC (Ret) Narrie Magturo
Business Development Director

Environmental Science, Soil Chemistry – Purdue University; Biology (Pre-Medicine) – Capital University

LTC (R) Narrie Magturo holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science, Soil Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology (Pre-Medicine). Narrie is a retired Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Officer for the United States Army specializing in Emergency Management and Operations and served as the Chief of Protection for 1st Armored Division, Ft. Bliss, Texas responsible for the protection for 50,000 deployed military personnel.

He has served as advisor and senior mentor for Department of the Army, Department of Defense, and foreign governments and their military in tactical, operational, and strategic level planning and operations. Narrie served as Deputy Defense Coordinating Officer and Officer of the Watch for the Defense Coordinating Element coordinating Department of Defense emergency response and recovery operations with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for disasters in the United States.

Dr. Tracy Bartel
Research Analyst

Life Span and Human Development – Kansas State University; Early Childhood Education – Kansas State University; Psychology – Virginia Tech; Family Child Development – Virginia Tech

Dr. Tracy Bartel  holds a doctorate degree in Life Span and Human Development.  Her extensive education and work experience gives her a unique perspective on a variety of positions within the field of education and human services.  She has been a manager for several large organizations and has therefore worked extensively with their Human Resource departments.  Dr. Bartel has conducted research using online platforms and taught at several higher education schools.  Her work experience working ranges from parochial, public, private and charter school districts.

Brendan Willoughby
Classification Specialist

English – Mount St. Mary’s University

Brendan has over a decade of overseas work experience, producing content and conducting lessons for multiple educational organizations in the Republic of South Korea. He also brings several years of experience as an editor, correcting and revising various documents from many different fields, including education, medicine, and advertising.

He understands the challenges of managing a wide range of personnel and getting them to focus on centralized goals. With Paypoint HR, Brendan has helped organize feedback from focus groups from multiple clients and written comprehensively about workers’ responses. He also lends expertise to the revision and editing of client job descriptions and report summaries. He is dedicated to the advancement of Paypoint HR’s services and our client’s agendas and goals.

Jennifer Holcomb
Quality Assurance Analyst

Health Science – San Diego State University

Mrs. Jennifer Holcomb came to Paypoint HR to pursue her passion for helping others. She is our quality assurance expertise and aids in work projects involving: classification, external market survey, project liaison and reporting. Jennifer uses her dynamic revisions and edits of client job descriptions, reports, and proposals to ensure a standardization across the organization.