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Paypoint HR is a full-service compensation consulting firm located in Davidsonville, Maryland.  We are an innovative, cost effective and technologically advanced solution for public sector’s need to provide internally equitable and externally competitive pay plans. We provide practical, operational and business-oriented advice on all aspects of compensation on a national level. We have been assisting the public sector achieve their pay plan objectives since 2012. We have worked on numerous projects including counties, cities, school districts, library systems, transportation authorities, and more. In addition, we have conducted compensation studies, classification studies, staffing level studies, benefits analyses, and employee reviews.

Paypoint HR tests recommendations to ensure they are following sound business practices and will be a solid foundation for our clients going forward. The recommendations we make are intended to produce a structured program that gives ongoing guidance on how to improve an organization’s ability to recruit, reward, motivate, and retain talent in a competitive environment. Our clients have peace of mind knowing the key to our success is ensuring implementation of recommendations. We pride ourselves in seeing projects through to implementation by meeting project goals and offering excelled customer service.

Whether you are a seasoned compensation professional or are newly charged with the responsibility of compensation design for your organization, our fresh new way of looking at plan design will help you develop a stellar plan.

Compensation Plan Development
Classification / Compensation Studies
Benefit Analyses
Staffing Level Studies
Classification Programs
360 Performer Employee/Peer/Manager (EPM) System